The Big Picture...

I've always had a knack for being able to take the occasional good snap shot (haven't most of us?). However I want to take my photography to the 'next level' so I've set myself a goal: mastering property photography.
This blog shares my journey along my way to mastery of property photography, from the outset to where I am now, and gives you the opportunity to get involved too.

Project Status...

Project 52 AU (a project by Evan Walters to photograph 52 Canberra-region properties in 52 weeks) is currently in "pre-season" status and kicks off September 1, 2009.
I am quickly running out of rooms in my own home to photograph. If you have access to a presentable property in the Canberra region I need your help. I'd love to photograph your property for you. Please contact me.

About The Project

A picture is worth a thousand words ...

Imagine you want to share the experience of your property with someone. Now imagine that you had to make a choice between using 1,000 words or using just one photograph.

Which option would you choose?

If you chose the photograph, imagine what that picture might look like. Would it be wide open and spacious or small and cluttered? Brightly lit or dark and mysterious? What time of day would the photograph have been taken?

Chances are right now someone in the Canberra-region is sharing their property with someone. Chances are almost as good that the person the property is being shared with is forming an impression about the property based on one medium photograph and a handful of smaller ones. This is the default listing display for all of the major real estate web sites including allhomes, Domain and

Property photography matters (and not just for real estate).

Project 52 AU is the project of Evan Walters, The Learner Property Photographer. Now Evan loves photography, in fact he's always loved photography. He's taken the occasional good photograph, but he's never really nailed a style of photography. Project 52 AU is a public personal challenge he has set himself. Evan wants to learn how to take world-class property photos that showcase a properties full potential.

Starting from September 1, 2009, Evan aims to photograph 52 Canberra-region properties in 52 weeks. Starting with a head full of knowledge and a little experience from photographing his own home, he is committed to learning property photography through photographing a diverse range of properties with different space and lighting situations.

To complete this project he needs your help. Evan needs properties, lots of them. All that's required, if you are willing to help is your time and access to your property for one hour. You have the choice of either a free photography package or a professional photography package, based on your needs and interest level. If you're willing to assist Evan with his project please contact him now.

Evan Walters, The Learner Property Photographer
Mobile: 0425 335 813

"I had the pleasure of working with Evan for a number of years. He was a key member of the team I managed and was always willing and able to get in a do what was required. His positive approach, easy manner and ability to think outside the box were amongst his many strengths. I would be more than happy to work with Evan again anytime."
Richard Batka, Vice President -Operations, Cards Etc Inc.


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