The Big Picture...

I've always had a knack for being able to take the occasional good snap shot (haven't most of us?). However I want to take my photography to the 'next level' so I've set myself a goal: mastering property photography.
This blog shares my journey along my way to mastery of property photography, from the outset to where I am now, and gives you the opportunity to get involved too.

Project Status...

Project 52 AU (a project by Evan Walters to photograph 52 Canberra-region properties in 52 weeks) is currently in "pre-season" status and kicks off September 1, 2009.
I am quickly running out of rooms in my own home to photograph. If you have access to a presentable property in the Canberra region I need your help. I'd love to photograph your property for you. Please contact me.

Please excuse me while I update the template

Things might get a bit messy around here as I update my blog template. Please bare with me, better things are coming soon...

Thanks for your support and understanding.

UPDATE 20 minutes later - Well that was certainly easier than expected. Please note than the top (grey bar) navigation links are not yet working. Slowly but surely whipping this blog into shape. More to come soon... (and I thought I'd only have to worry about taking professional photos, silly me!).


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