The Big Picture...

I've always had a knack for being able to take the occasional good snap shot (haven't most of us?). However I want to take my photography to the 'next level' so I've set myself a goal: mastering property photography.
This blog shares my journey along my way to mastery of property photography, from the outset to where I am now, and gives you the opportunity to get involved too.

Project Status...

Project 52 AU (a project by Evan Walters to photograph 52 Canberra-region properties in 52 weeks) is currently in "pre-season" status and kicks off September 1, 2009.
I am quickly running out of rooms in my own home to photograph. If you have access to a presentable property in the Canberra region I need your help. I'd love to photograph your property for you. Please contact me.

Big Picture Thoughts on What...

Ok, so here's my current thoughts on the What of this project. This is still very much a draft, and I welcome your comments.

** What you need to provide **
You must live somewhere, you must have a home (all shapes, sizes and sorts are eligible), you must allow me to photograph it (we can discuss what is appropriate to photograph and what is not and what needs to kept private such as expensive items, private rooms, areas of your home under renovations, etc).

I need access to your home for a short period, probably around 45 - 60 minutes depending on what time of day it is and what we are trying to achieve.

I do need you to show up when you say you will. Sure, things do come up from time to time and people have reasons to break appointments at short notice. However, my time is limited, I do have a 9 - 5 job so my availability is limited. If you need to cancel your photo shoot at short notice without a valid reason, or you fail to show up at all, you forfeit your right to have me shoot your home.

** What will you receive **

What is commonly referred to by real estate photographers as a 'basic' photo package (estimated value $130).

This is expected to be around 10 photos. I say around 10 because the guy I first took as a 'virtual' mentor (i.e. he taught me stuff without doing it directly so he may not even know I exist, see, told you I was geeky), Athol Kay, said 'if you need to take 10 photos to get 1 good one, then you'll need to multiply that by the total you want or need'.

(10 good photos) x (10 to get 1 good one) = 100 photos
(I'm assuming it will take me 10 photos to get one good one so I will take around 100 photos all up).

As my skill increases, and when I get lucky (everyone should have regular lucky days) the number of total photos to good photos should increase (note, I said should, not will), so you may end up with more.

Delivery of these photos is flexible. At this stage I probably plan to burn them to CD and send them out in the post, but I'm open to requests.

And you get full copyright ownership* over your images.

* All I ask is that you agree to a royalty-free license to me for me to use as a representation of my own photography. I can not sell, license, or otherwise reuse your image for any other purpose.

** What's it going to cost you **

I know, it should be free. It's a personal challenge and you are helping me to achieve it, so you shouldn't be paying for that. Sadly cameras and camera equipment are consumables (they're going to break eventually) and I just don't have the money to complete this challenge otherwise.

I intend to cover my material costs and any other costs I am forced to legally bare (income/company tax? gst? workers comp? I'm not an accountant but if anyone knows someone who'd be willing to talk to me I'd love the opportunity).

At this point I am in two minds about how to factor in these expenses. I will either ask for a fixed amount, or it will increase over time.

Here's what you do get for FREE:
1) Either the month prior to launch (September 1 2009) or the first week of the challenge will be completely free.
2) I am free. My time, skill, etc, all aggregating, all accumulating with each photography shoot. And my unfaltering customer service and support. You get me for FREE!

The bottom line is, this is an opportunity to have 'professional' (here's hoping that when I start in three months time my photos are at least better than 95% of the photos displayed on real estate web sites) photos taken at a very low cost (probably around $50 - $60, less than half what you're likely to pay elsewhere).

What happens if 'profit' is made from the challenge? Any money raised above actual costs to me for doing this money will be donated to charity. I want no personal gain from this challenge.

** What do I want from this **

(*feels special* It's nice you want to know about me).

I want new experiences. I've always thought I'd be capable of magnificent things in my life, but safe decision after safe decision, year after year, I've trapped myself in a 'safe' position (i.e. I've become boring!). I want to get out and meet new people, network, socialise and help my community.

I want to develop a new skill. I've spent the last 10 years of my life in the same job, Lotus Notes Development (you know you're from Canberra when you know what Lotus Notes is). I've always been passionate about photography. It's time I did something with this interest of mine.

I want a portfolio of work of my own creative talents. The hardest thing about my job is that at the end of the day you have nothing to show for it. Programming computers if you're code is visible its because something went wrong and it's crashed and its all gone pear shaped. A portfolio gives me something I can look at with a sense of accomplishment, and I just won't get that from my current job.


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